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Company Background

Jinta Art established its Gallery/Office in Sydney in October of 1992 as an Art Wholesaler, Retailer and Consultants specializing in Aboriginal Art from the Central Desert of Australia.

Jinta Art Specialises and Stocks paintings by a selected group of artist from the Central Desert of Australia. These include Clifford Possum Japaltjarri, Emily Kame Kngawarreye, Turkey Tolson Jupurula, Billy Stockman Japaltjarri, Mick Namarari Japaltjarri and Johnny Warrangkula Jupurrula. These artists are regarded as the Icon's of the aboriginal art movement. They have been selected for their individual brilliance, significance and vast artistic contributions to the Australian art movement, insuring them an important place in Australian art history. Their works are extremely collectable and no important Australian art collection is complete without them.

Jinta Art Gallery provides a program of National and International exhibitions focusing on developments in Australian Aboriginal Art. Our establishment in Sydney, has developed a reputation for promoting and encouraging Aboriginal Artists and expanding public awareness of their art and culture.

Aboriginal art and culture has attracted worldwide attention with its ancient iconography and universal philosophy. The Dreamtime Stories depicted in their art reveal thousands of years of history and demonstrate a respect and love for their inherent culture and land. Each painting tells a story which represents a particular song and dance. Harmony with nature and survival without destruction are paramount issues in Aboriginal art and culture. The oldest civilization known to man, Aboriginal Art has no written language and consequently relies on storytelling through painting song and dance to pass Dreamtime stories on, from one generation to another.

International focus and a greater appreciation of Aboriginal Art have fostered the development of contemporary movements and a further understanding of traditional Aboriginal culture.

By promoting Aboriginal art and culture throughout the world we are helping to develop the resurgence of the Dreaming as well as a healthy economic base for the Aboriginal communities. It is important that the spirit of Jukurrpa (Dreamings) is revived to aid in the healing of the entire planet. Focusing on the paintings of Aboriginal society we are able to incorporate this strong foundation with a modern definition for all to understand and benefit from.

We have collated one of the finest collections of Aboriginal Art in Australia. All paintings are supplied with A Certificate of Authenticity and Documentation. Packing and worldwide shipping is available.