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Valuation Services

Jinta Art offers a Valuation and Consultation Service to our Corporate and Private clients. Valuation services include Market Appraisal, Leasing, Insurance, Estate Probate Division, Superannuation etc....

For a very reasonable fee your treasured works can be valued by Semon Deeb Accredited NCJV Fine Arts Valuer No. N534. For Valuation quotes, please contact us at value@jintaart.com.au to arrange a free consultation.

Why have Art Collections Valued

With the value of fine Artwork’s constantly fluctuating. An up to date valuation of your personal or corporate collection is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Art values fluctuate pending on market events, sale results and important events in the artist professional career.

A written valuation provides you with an indisputable and independent record of your art works and their current values. For insurance purposes we recommend you reassess your art works regularly or within every three years. If you are under insured a current valuation will insure you receive the right payout to compensate or replace the art work and if you are over insured you are unnecessarily paying higher premiums.

Caring for your Art Collection

Art works require no special care if they are hung in a clean environment. However you should avoid hanging them near any cooking area where grease and smoke could harm the artwork. Direct sunlight should also be avoided. All artworks

Especially those on paper can be adversely affected by humidity. Never hang or store a painting in a room or basement effected by moisture, or on the inside of a single skinned external wall as moisture could penetrate the walls thus reaching and potentially harming the artwork. Where works are displayed under glass insure that the glass is not in contact with the surface of the artwork. A good framer should pack the edges to allow at least 3mm distance away from the glass. For stored works make sure you store in a dry area, insure that there is no variation in temperatures, Store at 21 degree Celsius + or – 1 degree Humidity 55% + or – 5%, When wrapping the works allow a window at the back for ventilation, Regularly check on the stored works to insure that no moisture is getting inside the wrapping.