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In Most Paintings The Artist Will Depict The Subjects As Seen From An Aerial View. They Are Shown As Indentations Left In The Ground.

All Tracks Represent Either Ancestral Travels Or Recent Travels And Events That Have Taken Place Within The Artists Country.

The Aboriginal Will Use This Bird As A Guide To Different Edible Foods Coming Into Season And Will Follow The Budgerigars Flight Path To Lead Them To Food And Water

There Are Many Different Icons Representing All Beings That Live In The Central Desert. This Icon Represents A Budgerigar.

As Described By Janet Long Nakamarra

This Icon Tells About The Budgerigar. The Budgerigar Flies Around Looking For Food Then Goes Down And Eats Insects, Seeds, Grass And Worms. When The Budgerigar Is Finished Eating Then He Flies Up Again Looking To Make A Home.

He Sloops Down And Find An Old Tree Looks Around To Make Sure Whether It Is A Right Place To Make His Nest.

So He Doesn’T Want This One, So He Flies Off Again, He Flies And Flies Until He Comes Down And Find A Beautiful Tree With Branches And Green Shady Leaves, He Checks Around To See If Its Perfect And Safe. When He Is Finished Checking Then He Is Happy To Build His Nest And Then Lays Its Egg. When The Tree Becomes Very Old And Any Branches To Start To Break, The Budgerigar Then Starts To Make A New Home So The Babies Can Be Safe And Sound.