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Bush Potato

This Icon Belongs To The Japangardi/napangardi And Japanangka/napanangka Skin Groups.

The Center Circles Are The Root And Growing From It Is The Bush Potato.

Bush Potatoes Are Found In All Seasons. There Are Two Kinds Of Potatoes. One Is Called ‘Mardi’ Which Is Really Big And Brown. And The Other Is Called ‘Ngamarna’ Which Looks Orange And Very Long Like Carrots. The Ladies Go Out Hunting And Find A Bush Potato Tree. Then They Walk 5 Meters From The Bush And Look For Cracks In The Ground. Once They Find The Cracks, Then They Stab The Ground With The Digging Sticks.

They Can Tell The Difference When The Ground Sound Heavy And Makes A Thundering Noise. Then They Start To Dig On The Cracks. They Dig And Dig Until They Find Potatoes.

Then The Ladies Would Take Them Home And Cook Them And Eat Them.