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In Most Paintings The Artist Will Depict The Subjects As Seen From An Aerial View. They Are Shown As Indentations Left In The Ground.

All Tracks Represent Either Ancestral Travels Or Recent Travels And Events That Have Taken Place Within The Artists Country.

There Are Many Different Icons Representing All Beings That Live In The Central Desert. This Icon Represents An Emu.

The Emu Is A Large Bird That Is Used By The Aboriginal People For Bush Medicine And A Stable Source Of Food. The Emu Is Hunted By The Males And The Feathers Are Used For Decoration During Ceremonies, Sacred And Public.

As Described By Janet Long Nakamarra

The Emu Walks For Miles And Miles And Eats Berries, Grass, Seeds And So On. When The Emu Feels Thirsty Then He Walks Very Slowly In Case There Is Any Danger.

He Spends His Time Eating And Walking Slowly To The Water Hole. Once He Reaches The Water Hole He Makes Sure There Is No One Around The Water Hole, Then He Takes A Drink Of Water.after Having A Drink Of Water Then The Emu Walks Away. Emus Are Very Hard To Catch. In The Olden Days People Used To Go To A Water Hole Where The Emu Usually Come.

Then They Put Some Poison Leaves On The Water And Then Wait Until The Emu Arrives. The Emu Then Drink The Water, The Poison Takes About 10-20 Minutes Until The Emu Feels Dizzy. And Falls To The Ground. Once The Emu Is Poisoned Then They Take It Back Home And Cook It.