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The Blue Circles In The Center Represent Water Holes. The Round Concentric Circles Represent The Frogs After They Have Burrowed Into The Ground.

As Described By Janet Long Nakamarra

Frogs Are Mainly Found In Wet Seasons, Whenever There Is A Big Rain And The Rivers Comes Up The Frogs Burst Their Way Through The Surface And Would Make A Lot Of Cracking Noises. When The River Goes Down, Then The Frogs Would Bury Themselves. When People Go Looking For Frogs Its Very Hard To Look For Their Holes, Because Sometimes The Frogs Would Bury In Riverbeds And It Changes Colour.

When People Find The Hole Then They Would Sit And Dig And Dig Down Below. In One Hole You Would Get 6-7 Frogs All On Top Of Each Other. Frogs Are Very Magical Because Whenever There Is A Big Rain And It Rains For Days And Nights. The Next Evening You Could Hear The Frogs Croaking All Night. It Means The River Has Come Up, So People Have Stay Away Because There Could Be Dangerous Places Where The River Flows.

The Colored Sticky Substance On Frogs Backs Are Used For Healing Of Sores. It Is Very Hard To Get The Substance From Your Hands Once You Touch The Frog. You Have To Rub Both Hands In The Sand To Get The Sticky Substance Off.