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Honey Ant

As Described By Janet Long Nakamarra

the Honey Ant"honey Ant Are Found In Certain Parts Of The Season. After Rain People Go Hunting To Look For Honey Ant. They Find Honey Ant In The Mulga Tree. When They Are Out Looking For Honey Ant, What They Look For Is A Nest Under The Mulga Tree. Once They Have Found A Nest Then They Start To Dig. They Dig For Hours And Hours Until They Find Honey Ant.

In Some Ways They Have To Be Careful When They Dig Because There Are Many Holes Were You Can Find Honey Ants In. There Are Holes On Top And Bottom Where Honey Ants Are. Once They Find The Ants Then They Carefully Put Them In The Coolamon."

When You Find Heaps Of Ants In One Pile Then You Have To Get A Long Stick And Flip The Ants Very Carefully Onto The Palm Of Your Hand And Put It Into A Cup Or Coolimon. Once You Fill The Cup With Honey Then You Suck The Honey From Its Back And Throw The Whole Body Of The Honey Ant Away Because We Don't Eat It.