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The "u" Shapes Are The Women.
The Center Circles Are The Root Of The Bush Potato.
The Ovals Next To The Women Are The Coolamons.
The Lines Are The Digging Sticks.
The Small Dots Next To The Women Are The Digging Sticks Stuck In The Ground.

As Described By Janet Long Nakamarra

This Icon Shows Women Sitting Digging For Wild Carrots. (This Can Also Represent Digging For Other Forms Of Bushtucker)

The Circle In The Center Is The Root Of The Wild Carrot. The ā€˜Uā€™ Shapes Are Four Ladies Sitting Around In A Circle. The Four Ladies Have Their Coolamons And Digging Sticks. Digging Sticks Are Made For Digging Things. Coolamons Are Made For Carrying Foods.

They Dig And Dig And Get As Many As They Can And Try To Fill The Coolamons. Once The Coolamons Are Full, Then They Go Home With All The Food And Cook Them And Eat Them. They Share Food With Other Family. They Have To Go For Miles To Look For Food. It Is Very Hard To Go To Certain Areas Where They Can Find Food. And They Have To Hunt All Day, And Go Home With Lots Of Food.