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This Icon Belongs To The Jungarrayi/nungarrayi, Japaltjarri/napaltjarri Skin Groupings.

The Circles In The Corner Is The Water Hole.
The Oval Next To The Water Hole Is The Kangaroo Sleeping.
The Arrow Shapes Are The Kangaroo Tracks.
The Line Next To The Tracks Is The Kangaroo's Tail.

As Described By Janet Long Nakamarra

This Icon Tells About The Kangaroo. The Kangaroo Hops Through The Spinifex Looking For Shade. Then The Kangaroo Comes Hopping And Finds A Good Shady Tree And Then Goes To Sleep.

After Having A Rest, The Kangaroo Then Feels Thirsty So He Hops Away Looking Wondering Where The Water Could Be And Starts Drinking The Water. After Drinking The Kangaroo Feels Tired And Goes To Sleep Beside The Water Hole. Kangaroos Also Can Be Very Tricky. When You See A Kangaroo You Have To Be Very Quiet If You Want To Shoot. Because The Kangaroo Can Smell The Scent Or A Person Coming Towards It, If Its On The Wind Direction, The Wind That Comes Towards The Kangaroo.

The Only Time That You Can Catch A Kangaroo Is When Its Lying In The Shade Or Sitting Very Still. Once It Hops Away, That's It, Finish. You Wont Catch The Kangaroo, It Hops Away Until It Gets Out Of Site.