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The Top Circles Are Water Holes.
The "e" Shaped Marks Are The Possum Prints.
The Line Down The Center Is The Possum Tail.

As Described By Janet Long Nakamarra

This Icon Belongs To The Jakamarra/nakamarra And Jupurrurla/nupurrurla Skin Groups.

This Icon Is About The Possum.

The Possum Lives In A Hollow Tree. When Night Fall Comes, Then The Possum Climbs Down To Have Food To Eat. The Possum Walks Around, Looking To Have A Drink. Then The Possum Comes To The Water Hole And Has A Drink Of Water.

Possums Don't Come Out During The Day Because They Are Very Scared, To Come Out And Eat. They Only Eat At Night When Its Cool And Safe For Them.