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As Described By Janet Long Nakamarra

This Icon Tells About The Spinifex Grass. Spinifex Grass Are Long And Yellow. People Used To Go Out Hunting And Collect Seeds From The Spinifex. They Put The Seeds In The Coolamon, Then They Clean The Dirts, Sticks And Grass.

Once The Seeds Are Clean, They Then Put The Seeds On The Grinding Stone And Grind It. They Grind And Grind Until The Seeds Become Very Sticky And Pasty. When The Seeds Been Ground Then They Put The Damper Seeds Into Wooden Dish And Put Coals On Top. It Takes Few Hours Until The Damper Seed Is Cooked. They Then Take The Dish From The Fire And Prick The Damper With The Stick Whether It Is Cooked Or Not. If The Stick Dry They Put The Dish With The Damper Out To Let It Cool Off.

When The Damper Is Cool Then They Cut The Damper And Eat It.

The Creator Of The Damper Seeds Was The Crested Pidgeon. It Had To Gather Seeds And Put Them In A Pile For People To Collect. It Also Sang Song Creation Of The Seeds. The Seeds Is Called ‘Lukarrara/warripinyi’.

The Spinifex Grass Can Also Make Wax. They Burn The Grass And Get Was From Hard Grass In The Ground.

Wax Is A Paste That Can Be Paste On Items That Have Crack. Spinifex Wax Were Used On Stone Knives, Spear, Woomera And Other Things.

What They Do With The Wax Is Put It On The Fire And Let It Get Melt, Once The Wax Is Melt Then They Take It Out And Put It Out To Let Cool.

When The Wax Is Cool It Comes Very Hard And Thick If You Break It.