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As Described By Janet Long Nakamarra

The Center Circles Are The Willy Wagtail.
The Smaller Circles Surrounding The Willy Wagtail Is The Humpy.

This Icon Tells About The Stars. The Three Symbols Represents The Meaning Of The Stories About The Stars.

Some Stars Tell Stories Of The Dreamtime.

For Example There’S A Willy Wagtail Who Made A Humpy. As You See In The Sky A Big ‘U’ Shape And That’S The Willy Wag Tails Hump.

Sometimes You See Lots Off Different Stars That Each Tell Stories. For Example The Seven Sisters, Willy Wag Tail And The Milky Way. Each Of These Stars Have Long Stories And Meanings And For Different Family Groups With Skin Names. Like The Seven Sisters Nungarrayi's And Napaljarri's And Another Star That Goes With The Sisters Which Was The Jakamarra. These Is Also The Milky-Way That Has The Story. The White Milky Line Across The Sky Is The Milk Of The Women.